Middle ear risk index with Tympanoplasty Reporting Protocol

MERI-TRP now automatically stores your patient information and calculates the MERI for the parameters you enter – both in MERI 2001 “classic” and the new 2021 Hybrid update.

The absence of a universally accepted protocol for reporting the results of tympanoplasty and ossicular chain reconstruction has been a major impediment resulting in inconsistent data that prevents proper comparisons between studies. Surprisingly few attempts have even been made to correct this issue. In 1992, Dr. Bruce Black suggested the SPITE system while in 2001 Dr. John Dornhoffer described the OOPS system. The most commonly used system internationally is the MERI which is a subset of the Tympanoplasty Reporting Protocol described by Jack Kartush in 1994.

  • Record your otologic surgical patient details in seconds 
  • Let the app automatically calculate the MERI for you 
  • Return later to add Postop results using your patient’s unique Tracking ID 
  • Quickly find subsets of your data for research, publication – or simply assessing your own results